Friday, July 27, 2012

California Family Vacation 2012 (Day 1)

This year July 2012, my parents celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary! To celebrate this milestone properly we went to California!!

The 7 of us plied into 2 cars, and took the 12 hour road trip to San Diego! 
Right before we hit the road.
We decide to travel at night so that we would get to San Diego and spend the entire first day on the beach.  

We went to our favorite beach, Coronado Beach!
I love this beach the best because the sands are soft, the water is cool, and everything is so relaxing there.

We arrived at the beach early morning and it was cold and foggy, but so beautiful! We spent the rest of the day swimming, looking for shells, sunning, and having fun!


Taking a closer look at the ocean!

Jake and I.

San Diego is so beautiful!!

Sandy toes!!


How cute is Jake!?!


Chrysta and I covered in blankets and sweaters, that morning was chilly.
Happy 25th Anniversary Mom and Dad!
Dad found a sand dollar! So cool!

The group, minus Jessica.

We covered Jake in sand and turned him into a merman!

Mom is so cute!! That water was cold!

After the beach we went back to the hotel to get ready for movie night. The resort that we stayed at has a Family Movie on the Lawn night. It was so much fun! The resort lays out blankets and pillows in the middle of a plush grassy area.  We watched Tangled.

The movie screen

Mom, Dad, and Jenna.

Dad and Jenna watching the movie.
Jake and I with our movie popcorn!
Jess and Mom.

 Day 1 of our trip was a success! We arrived in San Diego, had a fun time on the beach, and spent some great family time! Tomorrow we go to Sea World!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter 2012

This year Easter was family filled, as it should be! Jake and I are extremely blessed to live close to both of our parents and so we were able to spend time with both families!! We started the weekend off at the Williams Farm!

Its Spring time and that means everything on the farm is starting to bloom. 

 The cows are getting so big!
The farm has some new additions; Chickens!!
 These cute chickens are Easter chickens!! Look at the colorful eggs they produce. hehe
 The chickens are officially my favorite!
Cheeka was not too excited to wear the bunny ears. haha
 Jake was the grill master for the day, and he did a great job.

 And I made these super yummy bird nest cupcakes.

Marquez Family Time

Now its time to spend Easter with my family. We started the day decorating cupcakes.

Decorating Easter cupcakes!!
The finished product!! Yum!!

 Mom and Dad
 Now its time for an Easter Egg hunt!!

We had such an amazing Easter! So blessed!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Our Country Christmas

Jacob and I were able to spend this Christmas with his family on their new farm. 
We had such a fabulous time! 
We were able to have some serious family time, and I was able to get up close and personal with COWs!
 The first morning we loaded up a trailer with hay and went out to feed the cows! It was sooooo much fun!
 Look at this cow and tell me she is not the cutest thing EVER!!
Cheeka LOVES the Cows!!! This dog totally belongs on a farm. She loves to be outside and running around.
 The Williams/Shirley men talking about future plans for the farm.

After feeding the cows we hit the woods to chop some wood. 
For me a fire place has always been for romantic evenings, but on a farm you have a fire to keep the house warm!   
 The boys took the 4 Wheeler out so that we could gather tons of wood.
 Little man wanted to help out using his 4 Wheeler! Too freakin cute!!
 After watching Jake chop wood I thought, "Hummm this looks easy! I want to do it!" 
HA! Boy was I wrong!!!!
Chopping wood is Serious business! I threw in the towel after 1 log. haha

It was the night before Christmas, and the next logical activity for us to-do was to go shoot some guns! haha

 This is the first time I have ever shot a shotgun! I have to admit I was very intimated, but I did great!!
 Me sporting my T-State hoodie!!!
 Brothers bonding...
 Now it was time to prep for Santa's visit.

 The kids took special care making sugar cookies for the big man in red.

 Time to open PRESENTS!!!!
We truly had a FANTASTIC Christmas with the Williams family!! 
We love farm life soooo much I would not be surprised if later on in life we have our own!

 I LOVE taking photos!!! So during my time on the farm I took tons of photos of the amazing property!!

I love this picture. If you look towards the bottom of the photo you will see part of an electric fence.
SIDE NOTE: There are tons of electric fences all around the property to keep the cows in the fields. While I was walking the property taking photos I decided that I could easily cross an electric fence... BOY was I WRONG!! hahahahah I shocked the crap out of half of my body hahahahah This is a true story! I was sooo embarrassed that I didnt tell anyone. But for some reason I decided to post it on my blog for all to read ahahahah. Moral of the story... NEVER try and cross a "hot" electric fence!